Saturday, May 9, 2020

Legacy M by Dakota Morrow: The Future of Sneaker Design

I'm so picky about my sneakers, you guys. I feel like if I'm going to wear comfortable shoes, they have to be the coolest, most gorgeous comfortable shoes with an outstanding design and a fashionable edge. At the same time, I also want my sneakers to be versatile enough to be worn every day. I don't own too many pairs, simply because I never seem to find the perfect one.

I gotta say though, that the Legacy M sock runner by Dakota Morrow ticks pretty much all my boxes. He sure went the extra mile in terms of both design and quality. This innovative sneaker is the perfect contemporary casual shoe for 2020: it's bold and modern, comfortable but stylish, and it is made with a beautiful mix of materials: smooth leather, scuba fabric and carved rubber. It looks like a beautiful cross between a shoe and a sculpture... that you can also wear and look fabulous in! I love their neutral color palette of high-contrast shades - refreshing and versatile.
Legacy M shoes are entirely handmade in a place called "Shoe Valley" in Italy's Le Marche region, known for its centuries-old shoe-making tradition. Expert artisans handcraft each pair using premium quality materials, ensuring their high quality and comfortable fit.

Even though these sneakers will make any casual outfit look like it just came from a New York Fashion Week runway, you probably won't want to wear them with any old outfit. It's just not that kind of shoe. It commands the utmost respect with its sleek style and superior quality. ;)

The Legacy M running shoe is a limited edition design so make sure to pre-order yours while they are still available! 

Legacy M shoes ship free to the US and Europe.

Follow Dakota Morrow on social media to keep up with his news, and if you'd like a discount code, just send him a direct message: 

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