Sunday, May 31, 2020

Silly Tilly Graphic Apparel - The Art of Boldness

During the long weeks of quarantine, if there's one thing that became clear to me is that art is a much more important part of our lives than we give it credit for. When we were locked inside our homes, we watched movies, listened to music or painted the hours away. When we felt like we had no voice to express our thoughts and feelings, we turned to memes and caricatures, we have created videos, photos, comics, paintings, poems and songs to tell the world about our experiences and preserve our memories for the future. 

It is safe to say that art can greatly help us overcome our hardships and it is, hands down, the most powerful tool of self-expression. And when fashion meets art (with fashion being a form of art in its own right), that's when the real magic happens.

Just take a look at Silly Tilly, an edgy apparel brand with a unique spirit and aesthetic that make it stand out from a saturated street fashion market. Their collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, face masks, kids' fashion, home decor accessories and more, and all their designs are printed with insane graphic art that is a mix of bold symbolism and a quirky aesthetic, with a touch of dark humor and philosophy.

Each and every one of their designs will make you stop and look twice, so if you like to make a statement with your casual outfits and are not afraid of being in the center of attention, this is definitely a brand you should check out. Their unique creations will give your summer 2020 look a dark and artsy edge.

Head over to the Silly Tilly online store on Teepublic to see their entire collection, and don't hesitate to place your order - coronavirus or not, they are still shipping!

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