Sunday, May 24, 2020

Stylish Summer Knits by Citizen Cashmere

Cashmere is one of the most luxurious things one can possibly wear, second to maybe only diamonds. Its exceptional softness, timeless elegance and the way it loosely hugs your curves make it a real treat to wear.

Most people think of cashmere as a winter-only fabric, but that's far from the truth. Fine cashmere knit jumpers, hoodies and shawls are the perfect things to wrap over your shoulders on chilly summer evenings by the sea and can be great practical and ultra stylish pieces to throw into your backpack when hiking in the mountains. I know I take at least one cashmere sweater with me everywhere I go, no matter the season!

Of course, cashmere isn't cheap. That's one of its drawbacks. Thankfully, there is an online retailer that manages to keep their prices low by cutting out the middleman and selling the products they manufacture directly to consumers - and passing their savings on to us!

Let me introduce you to Citizen Cashmere. They make gorgeous knitwear out of Tibetan yak wool, which is almost like the hair of the cashmere goat, but slightly thicker and more resistant. They own every part of their production process, so they make sure it is ethical, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In this day and age, this kind of products are a wonderful luxury.

For summer, I absolutely love their classic marine stripe sweater (in the first image) for that effortlessly chic French girl look, and their ultra thin V-neck jersey (above) made from a blend of silk and cashmere - quite possibly the only real must-have wardrobe staple you need for the warmer months.

Head over the the Citizen Cashmere online store to browse their collections and while you're there, grab something for your boyfriend or husband from their men's collection to make sure both of you will look equally stylish! ;)

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