Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Top Picks For Re-Styling Your Life

We are living in a time of great changes so it is only natural that many of us want to bring new things into our lives: clothes, accessories, home decor, and even habits and skills. Everything that can make us feel like we are starting afresh or like we have used our time in isolation to become a better version of ourselves in some way, is welcome.

Sometimes, though, we know we want something new but we don't know where to start. If you are looking for ideas, read on to see some great websites and products that you might love.

During these difficult past few weeks, many of us have gotten farther away from nature. If you can't wait to discover its beauties again, or just love practical fashion accessories made of natural materials in neutral colors, the stylish collection of belt bags and backpacks by YUGA will become your faithful companions on all your adventures. Beautifully crafted and easy to  wear, these evergreen designs are lovingly handmade in Bali, Indonesia, and are currently on sale at 30% off!

Sometimes the easiest way to change up your fashion style and inject your wardrobe with a new wave of fabulousness is to get yourself some new accessories that reflect your personality. At Lux Bling Jewels you will find what you are looking for, and at an affordable price, too! Choose from their watch and jewelry collections and add a touch of glamour to your summer looks. We could all use a touch of sparkle right now, if you ask me. Get 10% off with the code LUXBLINGJ10%OFF!

After weeks of not putting too much effort into what we wear (to put it mildly), what we all need right now is a little bit of extravagance. Something to remind ourselves and the world that we are still here, full of style and energy, ready to pick up life where we left off. Creatives by Margo, an uber cool streetstyle brand will help you reinvent yourself with their fabulous, original fashion designs that range from patchwork jeans to the most stunning organza dresses and some incredibly chic examples of contemporary minimalism. Definitely check them out!

We could all use some more positivity in our lives right now, so why not start with out wardrobes? Studio Lux is a fashion brand whose designs are a mix between pleasantly nerdy and effortlessly cool, and are infused with the positive vibes many of us a craving so badly. Their T-shirts and hoodies are printed with fun graphic art that gives their designs a unique feel and makes them a great casual outfit option for warm summer days and chilly evenings. Visit the store to see their entire collection and use the code ANETT20 to get 20% off all T-shirt orders! Studio Lux offers free US shipping on all orders over $55.

If your wardrobe needs some color and boldness, Approved Clothing has a fab collection of awesome urban style apparel in all colors of the rainbow, from tame neutrals to the brightest, prettiest, most fashionable shades like orange, fuchsia and royal blue. Their tees, hoodies, pants and accessories are perfect when you want to stay comfortable without compromising on style. They have also launched a Covid-19 inspired collection complete with Egyptian musk hand sanitizer, so be sure to check them out!

Doing home renovations seems to be a popular idea all over the world right now, and what better way to have a fresh start than by changing up your home decor. A gorgeous new sofa can complete transform the look and feel of your living room, so if that's what your home needs head over to Ainehome because they have a beautiful selection of modern furniture. After successfully selling their products on all major platforms like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, they now have their own online store that you can shop directly!

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