Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wooden Sunnies: Eco-Friendly Wood Sunglasses from Australia

At this point, it is safe to say that summer 2020 is going to be nothing like the summers that came before it. We will not be able to travel everywhere we want to, many of us will have to cancel our pre-booked vacations and make other plans, fear and uncertainty is in the air, but one thing is sure: summer is still coming.

And it will still be amazing, and there will still be sun and beauty and happiness, so we might as well start getting ready for it, am I right?

Sunglasses are, of course, the most important summertime accessory. Besides making you look like a movie star (which is reason enough to wear them, as far as I'm concerned), they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays - so make sure you choose a brand that will provide adequate protection, like Wooden Sunnies.

Wooden Sunnies is a brand of wooden sunglasses from Australia known for their gorgeous designs made from 100% natural wood and other plant-based materials.

All of their wood sunglasses are handcrafted, lightweight and durable, and most importantly, they have 100% UV400 protection with polarised lenses - which means your eyes will be protected from both UVA and UVB radiation.

These wood and bamboo sunglasses are bold and fashionable, and most of their designs are unisex - so you can even share a pair with your significant other. I know I always steal my husband's sunnies so I thought you'd want to know that these frames will look just as good on you as on your partner ;)

Wooden Sunnies is an environmentally conscious company that donates $5 from every sale they make online towards Plasticoceans.Org.

The brand is based in Australia but they offer worldwide shipping, so shop away!

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