Friday, June 12, 2020

Altejewellers: Designs for the Bold and Fearless

As you probably know by now, I am an avid consumer of fashion. I greatly enjoy getting dressed every day, looking for inspiration in magazines and movies, and shopping for new clothes and accessories. I'm used to seeing fantastic design solutions and new collections multiple times a year but it is on those rare occasions when I come across something truly extraordinary that I am reminded of why I love fashion so much. Because it is a form of art that is perhaps more real than any other: it is part of our everyday lives, making them more beautiful, colorful and interesting, giving us the possibility to express ourselves through the pieces we choose to wear. 

Speaking of extraordinary designs, if you are looking for a special, show-stopping accessory for yourself or your partner, you need to check out Altejewellers, an international multi award-winning boutique jewellery design workshop. Their pieces are more sculptures than jewellery, crafted with astonishing attention to detail and an edgy, somewhat macabre aesthetic, the choice of the bold and fearless.

They focus on themes like myths, legends and love - the kind that lasts beyond the grave. Their signature skull designs are a favorite with their customers worldwide, representing the cycle of Life or the basics of humanity. They seldom represent Evil unless based upon know characters or stories.

Their fierce Beast collection breaks away from traditional animal symbolism to inject more personality and expression into these amazing creatures. You have the option to finish them with a pair of ruby eyes to breathe life into them and give them soul and character, and if you order one of these pieces, I suggest you do just that.

Even though these kind of bold designs are more commonly worn by men, Altejewellers' rings are perfect for women, too, and they look especially beautiful on couples. There is something empowering about being able to pull off such edgy and unique pieces. Visit their store and shop their fabulous selection for yourself or the man in your life!

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