Saturday, June 13, 2020

June Favorites

Summer is finally here and as rainy and gray as it has been so far, I'm still incredibly happy that the temperatures are starting to look more like more like June and less like November.

To celebrate this (and the end of quarantine), I have put together a small selection of new stores and products I have come across that I think you will love. 

Browse these website for fresh, new ideas for summer!

Summer is the best time of year to wear vibrant, colorful clothes - and if they have a special meaning, all the better! Fikascouture is a fashion brand that specializes in casual apparel that promotes STEM programs for students all over the world. Their cute, inspiring, beautifully drawn tees and sweatshirts are perfect for casual summer days, school, camp, traveling, and whatever else it is that you love doing. Head over to Strore Frontier to check out their entire 2020 collection!

In 2020, design and technology often go hand in hand, and it is only natural that amazing things can come out of this fusion. Viagea Eyewear, a new brand of Italian-made transformative eyewear is a prime example of this. The shape of their edgy glasses can be easily transformed, making them the ultimate accessory for every day, and thanks to their sleek, modern lines they will fit right into the trendiest urban wardrobes. Viagea Eyewear is about to launch their Kickstarter campaign so check it out and support them to get your uber cool glasses at a huge discount!

Even though it might seem like the coronavirus is losing its momentum, many countries are still enforcing mask wearing and for good reason. It is a small price to pay to protect ourselves and the people around us, but as we all know by now, face masks can be quite uncomfortable. If you find it hard to breathe with a mask on or the ear loops make your ears hurt, you need to head over to Epeak US and order one of their Active Masks made out of ultra-lightweight, breathable materials and designed to be comfortable on the ears. Of course, they are machine washable, and you can wear them while exercising, too!

If you have been feeling down due to the quarantine and recent world events, changing up your living space could help you snap out of the blues. No need to redecorate your entire house or rearrange the furniture, though - sometimes just adding a beautiful new painting to your home decor can change the feel of a space and your mood for the better. Jennifer Chelsea is an oil paint and graphite drawing artist based in Penfield, New York. Her abstract and figurative paintings use colors, shapes and textures in a way that conveys raw emotion and beauty. Visit her website to see all her works currently available for sale!

Whether you are spending June at home or are ready to explore new places again, give yourself the gift of luxury summer fashion. Bulgarian designer house Delmond makes ultra high quality clothing for people who want the very best when it comes to fashion. Their clothes are handcrafted from natural materials like cashmere, silk, wool, cotton and linen to ensure a beautiful and comfortable fit. Choose their designs for high-end parties, casual dinners or your next beach vacation! Shop now or become their regional representative at

If you like treasure hunting, you must check out Convenient Estate Sales. They source and sell a variety of fantastic pre-owned and new items including oriental rugs, figurines, dish sets and more. Be sure to check out their "Christmas in July" sale of pre-owned collectables and fine china - 50% of all proceeds will go to support #BlackLivesMatter initiatives! Also, Convenient Estate Sales has partnered with, so you can conveniently add items from their store to your wedding, baby shower or any other registry.

T-shirts are everyone's beloved summer staple. Eusha Store offers a huge selection of men's and women's tees made from 100% cotton, inspired by pop culture, and printed with special eco-friendly non-toxic inks that won't fade even after many washes. The brand's goal is to make T-shirts that have soul and character and give their customers a wonderful means of self-expression through their innovative printed designs. Check out their website to see their entire collection, created by a growing network of designers from all around the world!

For the ultimate sporty chic style check out the Pumas UNAM Jacket on sale on!

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