Thursday, June 25, 2020

Model Spotlight: Fin Day

New talents are the future of any industry, and it is especially true for fashion where new faces are constantly in demand and good looks and a solid work ethic can get you far, no matter how young you are. 

18-year-old film and media student Fin Day from Cirenster, UK, might very well be one of these new talents destined to make it big. With his chiseled features, good boy look and bad boy aura, he is charming fans and industry professionals with enviable ease. He is, no doubt, a rising star of the modeling and fashion influencer industries.

Besides being a handsome fellow with a lot of potential, Fin has business aspirations as well: he has set up an online fashion store where he sells clothes via affiliate links. He also puts his fashion savvy to good use by sharing his knowledge of the industry with his followers. Check out this list of Fin Day's top 10 favourite menswear brands of the month

5. Vans

Be sure to check out Fin Day on Instagram and read his articles on!

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