Thursday, August 27, 2020

SKINSINK: Your New Source of Wearable Art


Fashion is one of my favorite art forms because it provides virtually unlimited possibilities for self-expression while at the same time producing pieces that are wearable and functional, bringing beauty and fun into our everyday life.

Printed T-shirts, the favorite blank canvas of fashion designers all over the world, are an especially good vehicle for creativity and artistic self-expression. They can be used to convey ideas and send messages, but also to simply look great and showcase artwork which, instead of collecting dust in a gallery, gets the chance to see the light of day and be admired by many people.

SKINSINK is a website dedicated to selling soft and cozy T-shirts printed with stunning graphic art designed by artists from all over the world, providing fashion icons with a place where they can source some seriously cool tees. The brainchild of Nader, an artist based in Berlin, Germany, SKINSINK is a great store for buying truly unique designs that will put you right in the center of attention even in the most fashion-conscious crowd.

But there's more to it than that. All of their designs are unisex and eco-friendly, the T-shirts are produced according to the strictest EPA regulations, consuming a lot less water and energy than their rivals, and using eco-friendly dyes that don't damage our environment, while also reducing CO2 emissions and creating an ethical and safe workplace for those who make these products. In this day and age, a product is not just what you see and use but also the way it is made, so having this guarantee makes these products even more valuable. 

These extraordinary designs in bold, vibrant colors or classic black and white are the ultimate centerpiece to a contemporary urban look. Visit the store to see all of their stunning graphic designs!

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