Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bestyn: Stay Connected with Your Neighbors!


Even though we are becoming increasingly connected to people all over the world - even ones we have never met - much of our daily lives still happen right where we live: in our local communities.

But even when it comes to the people who are geographically closest to us, technology can still be helpful for communication, building relationships and even solving some practical issues.

This is exactly what Bestyn is for. It is a new social network app, designed to help you stay connected to your neighbors, discover local events and promote local goods and services. 

Is your apartment complex planning to build a new playground? Just start a group chat to discuss all the details instead of having to attend long and tedious in-person meetings.

Is there going to be a fun concert at the local pub? Be the first to find out about it, along with all the garage sales, festivals and sports events your community is hosting. 

Are you opening a new coffee shop in the neighborhood and want everyone to know about it? Bestyn is the perfect place to advertise your new business in your area!

Another key feature of Bestyn is "surrounding monitoring". It allows you to join forces with your neighbors to monitor suspicious activity and incidents, so you can spread the word and keep your neighborhood safe.

I love the idea of regaining some sense of community through social media - because despite its name, more often than not social networks push people further away from each other. 

I'm pretty sure that soon entire neighborhoods all over the world will be hooked on Bestyn and using its awesome features to strengthen their communities and make their lives easier. 

Visit their website for more details and download the Bestyn app from iTunes or the Google Play Store for Android!

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