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How to Blend Clip In Hair Extensions with SHORT BLUNT HAIR

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Hair extensions are a great way to give your hair volume, highlights and, most importantly, length. If you have short blunt hair and want to dramatically change your look, try clip in hair extensions!

Clip in hair extensions are strongly recommended for short blunt hair, but sometimes they can be difficult to blend with a blunt haircut. Go with a set of thick clip in hair extensions - they can easily blend with your hair and give you a natural look. 

Why Your Clip In Hair Extensions Are Not Blending In

Seamless clip in hair extensions are designed to give you a fuller head of hair and make you feel even more beautiful. However, not all extensions are made equal and it might not be easy to blend them with your hair. There can be many reasons for this:

 Incorrect weight for your hair type and length. 

 You have a haircut like a lob or blunt cut.

How to Blend Clip in hair Extensions with Short Blunt Hair

If you are having issues blending short hair with extensions or are thinking about switching from a short cut to a long thick mane, but still want to keep your look as natural as possible, follow these simple steps to blend your clip in hair extensions.

Step 1: Choose the Right Extensions

Short hair extensions perfectly blend with short hair. You can use 16" to 18" extensions, or can even go with  shorter ones if your hair is shorter. If your new extensions turn out longer or shorter than you wanted them to be, you can always consult a hair stylist who will alter them for you.

Step 2: Incorporate Wefts

You can use one or more wefts to make styling your hair more manageable. If you are going for more volume and extra length, this is a good way of preventing the clips from showing.

Step 3: Use Thick Extensions

Thick hair extensions are the best choice if your hair cut is blunt. The hair extensions will have a blending problem if your hair happens not to thin out towards the ends; hence thicker hair extensions will help you achieve a more natural look. 

Step 4: Make the Right Choice Between Synthetic Hair or Human Hair

Extensions can look good with any hair, but human hair is best. Even though it's more expensive than its synthetic counterpart, it is more resistant to heat styling tools and dying. 

Step 5: Select Hair Extensions That Match the Color of Your Hair

It's essential to use extensions that have the same color as your natural short hair to achieve a natural look. If you're to use human hair extensions, then you might need to apply hair dye to perfectly match them to the shade of your hair. If your ends are different in color from the rest of your hair then it's a good idea to use a set of ombre extensions.

Step 6: Wash your Hair

Carefully wash and condition your hair before applying your hair extensions.

Step 7: Divide Hair into Two Halves

Separate the top half of your hair by pulling it up and using clips to secure it if it is too short to be held by a hair tie. You can also use the clip as a divider between the top and bottom halves of your hair.

Step 8: Use Brush to Tease Short Hair

Using a brush or a comb to tease short hair where you intend to clip the extension. It will create a "shelf" of matted strands, which will eventually make it easier for a clipped extension to stay on. The extensions can be applied wherever you feel they would look good on your head as long as your own hair covers them. If you use many wefts, then you should place extensions on the sides, but if you intend to use just one weft, then you should secure the extensions at the back of the head. After that, apply hairspray at the created shelf to add grip.

Step 9: Clip in the Extensions

Hold the clips, move them unto the shelf that you had created, make sure you are satisfied with where the extensions are clipped in, then snap the clip to shut. Using a mirror you can easily ensure that your short natural hair and extensions have blended perfectly. You can also consult a hair stylist about permanent extensions that can be taped or micro linked.

Step 10: Straightening or Curling

Your hair will look different after hair extensions due to their texture. You can blend them by straightening or curling them while attached to your head by using a curling or flat iron.

Step 11: Apply Serum & Trim Extensions

Apply a quality serum by spraying it on your hair to make it as shiny as synthetic extensions. You can also trim the ends of your extensions if they are not looking natural. To achieve a natural and healthy look, hold scissors parallel to your extensions while cutting.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you figure out how to easily apply extensions and go from short hair to beautiful, healthy and voluminous locks.

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