Sunday, September 13, 2020

Influencer Spotlight: Sarah Ali Al-Hail


Looking for a new influencer to follow on Instagram? 

Check out Sarah Ali Al-Hail (or ساره الهيل in Arabic) -  a mysterious beauty whose face you can never see in full, but this doesn't take away from her air of glamour and elegance.

Sarah is a Qatari public figure, influencer and a married young mother whose photos showcase her lavish lifestyle, beautiful home decor and adorable baby. 

She definitely has her own, unique touch and a sophisticated style that many could learn from. 

Take a look at her profile @sarah.alhail and give her a follow!

1 comment :

  1. sarah is so nice I see her kindness in between all the intense instagram stories and posts. Also, she is one of cutest bloggers ever and she is helpful . Her page is one of my favorite page on instagram i have to seekout everyday


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