Tuesday, September 1, 2020

LIFEHOUSE: Invest in The New Frontier in Home Furnishings


The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways in the past few months. On one hand, it brought many new rules and limitations that took some getting used to, but on the other hand, it made us more imaginative and able to adapt to new circumstances. 

Naturally, the way we use the spaces of our home has also changed. A lot of the places we used to spend time at - including schools, offices, coffee shops, bars, and gyms - are now closed, so our homes have become multi-functional spaces where we live, work, study, play, rest, eat and work out, among other things. In other words, flexibility is the new keyword when it comes to home furnishings. 

These changed needs sparked the business idea of Bobby Borisov, CEO of LIFEHOUSE, a company on a mission to source a wide range of multi-use furnishing and decorative life-changing products for people's homes by working with manufacturers and sourcing agents globally.

LIFEHOUSE is an eCommerce retailer with a super high growth model in the Home Furnishings Vertical, and if you make up your mind fast enough, you can still be part of their success by investing in the company's growth. You can easily do it through WeFunder - a crowdfunding website for those who want to invest in startups and small businesses. The minimum investment is as low as $100, so you don't have to risk a lot of your hard-earned money if you don't want to, but you can most definitely win big in the likely event that LIFEHOUSE becomes an international industry leader in its sector.

The drastic rise in online purchases in the last year, along with the founder's keen understanding of the current trends in the home furnishing market make this investment a good idea. If you are looking for a way to diversify your income while also supporting a great company, visit their WeFunder page for more details!

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