Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September Favorites


It's the first day of fall, which (sort of) explains why it's raining already... but I just can't feel down about it because I'm so excited for the new season ahead! 

It's also time for our monthly selection of favorites, so if you are looking to refresh your fall wardrobe or make meaningful changes to your lifestyle, be sure to take a look at these awesome stores!

One of the best ways to change up your look is changing your eye makeup... but what works even better is changing the color of your eyes! Chiara Lens has an amazing collection of colored contacts lenses, from the most natural shades to the most vibrant blues and greens, as well as mysterious grays and light browns that will give you a uniquely sensual look. Go to their website to see their 4 different contact lens collections and choose your favorites!

There are many social networks out there, but it's been a while since I saw one as objectively useful as Bestyn. It is designed to help you stay connected to your neighbors, discover local events and promote local goods and services. It is also great for monitoring the neighborhood since it allows you (and everyone in your area) to report and discuss suspicious activity and help you keep your home safe! Download it now from iTunes or Google Play

It's official: shapewear has become an integral part of our wardrobes - much like jewellery, watches or sunglasses, it is considered a key accessory to our daily outfits. This is not a get-fit-quick scheme either - it is a must-have for those who always want to look their best. A lot of women say that they feel more comfortable and confident wearing shapewear than in their regular undies, and lots of celebrities have been seen wearing it under their evening dresses at award functions and red carpet shows. Get yours today at Cocktail Curves!

Whether you are starting a new workout routine this fall, are planning to work from home, or just looking forward to embracing the popular trend for stylish casual wear, you will need a few new comfortable pieces for your wardrobe. Check out Reo Foxy Clothing, a new brand that offers a gorgeous collection of vibrantly colored printed apparel including leggings, sports bras, hoodies and more! Don't forget to use the code REO for 20% off and free shipping at checkout! 

A great pair of sneakers is an absolute must for the fall months. Athletix has some gorgeous designs, perfect for casual wear as well as working out. The fabric is breathable and lightweight which makes them suitable for exercise: they were designed to allow you to run faster thanks to the strategic cushioning and lightweight material. And, of course, their design is super sleek and stylish! Athetix now offers free shipping and a free pair of socks with every purchase.

The new season calls for a new skincare routine - it's so much more difficult to achieve a healthy-looking, glowing skin in the winter than in the summer! If you're looking to add some quality products to your daily rotation, visit Jafra and check out their fantastic collection of skin care, fragrances, makeup and bath products! Their royal jelly product line is design to achieve smooth, healthy skin, even during the colder months. Message Luis Vasquez at jafraluis02@gmail.com for more information!

Ambience is everything on long fall evenings. Make your home cozier with these beautiful essential oil diffusers from The Herb Garden diffuser collection. They will not only make your space smell super nice and double as a stylish home decor accessory while also allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of your favorite essential oils, they will also humidify the air in your room, which does wonders for your skin and for alleviating cold and flu symptoms. Use the code "HolySeason" on theherbgarden.online to get 25% off your purchase when you buy 2 or more diffusers!

If you love having fun with fashion, experimenting with new styles and showing off your curves, I have just the store for you. Mrs Curvy Flavors Boutique is an online retailer with a carefully curated selection of curve-hugging outfits in exciting, vibrant colors at super convenient prices. These clothes will give you the confidence you need to face every day with a smile. Check out the two-piece Cotton candy pants set and the Tie Dye romper shorts (above) - so pretty!

Denim season is upon us. Thankfully, our trusty evergreen favorites never go out of style, the only thing that keeps changing is the cut. This year, the best jeans are the ones that hug your figure, elongate your legs and highlight your waist - time to show off those curves! Visit Urban Planet and browse their huge selection of trendy denim designs that you will wear the heck out of in the coming months. Also, check out the rest of their fabulous products, you'll love them!

Ultimate Life Fitness is your go-to destination if you are looking for stylish his and hers fitness looks and yoga accessories. Working out with your significant other can be even more fun if both of you are wearing some seriously sexy (and, of course, functional) activewear! The store has everything you'll need once you make up your mind to exercise regularly: quick dry shirts, sneakers, shorts, tops and more! Sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off your order!

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