Monday, October 5, 2020

Are You a Busy Mom? Don’t Miss These Fashion Hacks!


guest post by Suzy Walsh

A lot of this blog's readers are and moms, and it would be unfair to talk of fashion without keeping their busy schedules in mind. Moms are busy – always. Especially those who are dealing with infants, toddlers, or have multiple things to manage every single day. Fashion and style often, not always, go for a toss. In this post, we are sharing a few fashion hacks that may come in handy for busy moms! 

Go for overalls

Sometimes, the hardest part of dressing up is to decide which shirt will work with the pants you have in hand. On a busy morning, that’s the last thing you would want to deal with. A simple hack for that would be to go for overalls. Jumpsuits, playsuits, dungarees, and dresses are your best pick. You just need to add a pair of sneakers for casual days, and a nice pair of heels if you are heading to work – as simple as that. You can view more overalls here!


When you cannot choose to wear the dresses you want, or don’t have time to shop, you can create magic with old outfits, just by adding accessories. Think of all kinds of things – layered neckpieces, single diamond studs, a chunky cuff, bracelets, tasselled earrings and more. The idea is to add some colour and variety to what would be otherwise called a basic outfit. 

Get open cardigans

Sometimes, you have to step out of the house in seconds, and probably don’t even have the time to change. In times like that, adding a niche front-open cardigan is the best you can do to create a more organized look. For a colour that can work with more outfits – black, grey, navy blue, or you can even choose something very bright. 

Try the summer dresses

Another outfit that you can actually buy without much worry are summer dresses. Summer dresses – especially A-line dresses and fit-and-flare dresses – are always in style, and for busy days, you can team these with sneakers, boots, or even a pair of casual flats. Floral prints, especially micro-floral prints, are your safest bet, but you can also choose to try stripes and other kinds of prints too. 

Easy with the denims

Instead of going for skinny denims, go for boyfriend jeans or straight fit jeans that are easier to get in and get out of. Denims are meant to be your casual best friend, and you need at least two to three pairs in your collection for daily use. Boyfriend denims can be teamed to cropped tops, simple tees, or even spaghettis. 

Check online now to find these styles, and for more on parenting and related subjects, keep following this blog, which has some incredible content, posted by moms for moms!

Suzy Walsh is a style expert, working as the editor of The House of Elegance Fashion – A fun and trendy fashion blog. Suzy believes in bringing fashion for the masses in simple ways, often by decoding some of the runway styles and rules.


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