Saturday, October 10, 2020 - Your New Beauty Destination


I don't know about you, but I find the beauty industry absolutely fascinating. There are so many different products, tools and accessories on the market, and new, even more fascinating ones seem to be appearing out of nowhere every day, so it is not easy to keep up with them all. 

But you know what? It pays to keep your finger on the pulse of the cosmetics industry, because you never know when you might come across something new and exciting that you can build into your beauty and makeup routine.

For new - and super cool - products and beauty tools, check out brand new online store They specialize in everything that will make you look and feel beautiful and help you create the trendiest and most glamorous makeup looks.  

They carry eyeshadows in every color of the rainbow: glitters and mattes, calm neutrals and vibrant shades, liquids and powders - you name it, they have it. They offer a vast range of complexion and lip products for every day and special occasion use, but my favorite part of the store is the "Beauty Device" section: here you can discover things like pore vacuums, electric skin exfoliators, EMS fat burners, and more! They also have a great selection of beauty accessories like brushes, blending sponges, and false lashes. You might not realize, but the tools you apply your makeup with matter just as much as the products you are using. 

And, while you might still be planning your Halloween costume, Glamorousita has already prepared their fabulous winter special: a capsule collection of warm and cozy things that will make you enjoy the holiday season to the fullest (think luxurious furry slippers)!

Head over to the store right now to browse their vast product assortment, and add some new favorites to your fall beauty arsenal!

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