Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Bliss Bellamore: Luxury Vegan Leather Bags from LA


Some say that the era of the It bag is over, but I beg to differ. It's just that the definition of "It bag" has changed. Today's iconic bags are not the ones with the loudest brand name and the shiniest logo - in 2021, it is more about the craftsmanship, the design and the company values. It is not simply about making a fashion statement anymore, it is about showing the world who you are as a person. 

If you love discovering new brands that are worth your dollars, you should check out Bliss Bellamore. Their entire collection is made from vegan leather (yay for sustainable and cruelty free fashion!) and hand-selected from LA's world famous fashion district in extremely limited quantities. They make these exclusive pieces available to the entire United Sates, and not just to local LA fashionistas, so now you can own a little piece of California sunshine no matter where you live in the US!

Vegan leather also means that you get the luxury look for less money and, of course, with less impact on our already fragile environment. Win!

Bliss Bellamore designs are stylish and colorful, with a great clean design and minimalist lines. Easy to match to your trendiest fashion looks! I love that they have shape and structure - wearing a bag like this makes me feel like I have my life together, and it has the power to transform any outfit into a runway-worthy look. They come in the prettiest colors, too: lemon yellow, powder pink and strawberry red are just a few of my favorites, but they also have more neutral versions for your everyday ensembles.

Visit the Bliss Bellamore website to browse their handbag selection, and make sure to also check out their collection of stylish sunglasses in fun, juicy colors!

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