Tuesday, February 2, 2021

February Favorites


February is here, and it means two things (and both of them are worth celebrating): there's only one month left of winter, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Whether you are battling the winter blues or just need some time for yourself, online shopping is always a good way to spend a relaxing evening at home and get yourself some treats that you - no doubt - deserve.

Read on for our monthly selection of favorite online shopping destinations!

Casual shoes that are fashionable, glamorous and affordable are not easy to find but Issybees, a UK based online retailer, has a great selection that you will love. They have plenty of black and white shoe designs that are perfect for every day, but also some colored and glittery numbers for when you want to make a style statement. And the best part? They are super affordable! Also, you can win one of the 5 £25 Issybees gift cards HERE.

With the abundance of online stores, hunting down new fashion trends can be exhausting, so whenever I come across one that has all the newest trends, I'm more than happy to share it with you guys! QOOPQOOP has a pretty fab selection of apparel and accessories that feel fresh, glamorous and perfect for the new season ahead. I love their comfy spring cardies, stylish jackets, wide selection of gorgeous pastel clothing and fashionable sneakers, but you must check out their entire collection! 

Carrying a fabulous handbag is an easy and fun way to make a fashion statement, especially if it comes from an ethical, vegan, US-based company. Bliss Bellamore brings you the latest handbag styles straight from LA's world famous fashion district. All of their designs are beautifully crafted from high quality vegan leather, which is great for both the environment and your budget. They make gorgeous colorful sunglasses to match too, so make them your first stop when shopping for the new season!

If you have children, shopping for them probably brings you even more joy than shopping for yourself. So for all the loving moms and dads out there, here's a new online store you might want to check out: Just Kidds offers a huge selection of products for babies, including clothing, stroller accessories, bath essentials, tableware and more. Also, right now they are holding an end of season sale so you can purchase some of their items at up to 80% off!

We Millennials are known for our tech savvy, hard-working and unique mindset that distinguishes us from the generations before us, and we love to show this to the world in many ways, including through our fashion choices. #themillennialmind is a new line of premium fashion merch for millennials, designed by millennials. Their simple yet powerful designs can become the focal points of our casual outfits, and are a great way to show some millennial pride. Visit their store on Bonfire!

Italy is famous for its fashion scene, delicious food and imaginative drinks. So what happens when you combine all these things in a fashion collection? Head over to Tarluc.it and see it for yourself! They are a new fashion brand for people who love to party and have fun, who enjoy fashion but don't take themselves too seriously. Their fun printed tees feature lovely illustrations of things like famous Italian cocktails, tomato and basil spaghetti, or the Sicilian cannolo. Be sure to check them out!

Some clothing brands are not just about fashion - they are a source of motivation and a daily reminder of what's important in life. Neww Norm is a brand on a mission "to promote optimism in this pessimistic world". Their clothes and accessories are printed with inspiring phrases like "I am limitless" or "The life you want is coming". Visit their website to browse their collection and use the code FREESHIP for free shipping on all orders over $50 and don't forget to check out the brand on social media: Instagram | YouTube.

Bows are a cute and stylish accessory for girls of all ages, and an easy and effortless way to give our outfits, homes and everyday objects that unique, special touch and take them to the next level. Girls who love bows can find hundreds of fun bow-themed items at the Girls Love Bows Gift Shop. Visit the store and find the perfect gift for your favorite bow-crazy girl!

Diamonds are everyone's best friends, but they can be quite pricey... unless you go for lab-grown stones that are identical to mined diamonds, with the same sparkle, beauty and durability - minus the hefty price tag. Head over to Dia Reale's website to browse their stunning collection of timeless fine jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, made with gorgeous laboratory-grown diamonds that are 100% conflict free, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable. 

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