Saturday, February 6, 2021

Is Your Casual Wardrobe Ready for Spring?


Spring is right around the corner, and it means that we can finally put our heavy coats and puffer jackets back in the closet where they belong and enjoy the sunshine wearing clothes that are casual, comfortable and fun. 

With every change of season it feels natural to refresh our wardrobes and invest in a few pieces that will make our outfits feel fresh and new, but spring is perhaps the time when this need to change something in the way we look is the strongest. 

Thankfully, we live in a world where it is relatively easy for creative people to get their designs out there, and Teespring is a wonderful platform for that. One brand in particular that grabbed my attention recently is Madtees. Their collection of men's and women's tees and hoodies is a humorous take on pop culture - from mock government agency emblems to wittily empowering slogans ("I bit Cujo", anyone?). These pieces are made for turning heads and starting conversations, because at the bottom of it all lies our common need to share the human experience with each other, have fun with it, and make fun of it.

Besides, these tees and hoodies will look really cool with a pair of casual pants or shorts, and one of my favorite fashion looks for men is a bold and colorful printed tee with a sports coat over it. So cool. 

Each design comes in several different colors so matching them to the bottoms you have in your closet will not be a problem.

This spring why don't you use the medium of fashion to connect with your fellow humans and show them who you are even before you open your mouth to introduce yourself. Head over to the Madtees store and choose your favorite designs and colors!

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