Thursday, March 25, 2021

4 Fun Things to Surprise Yourself with This Spring


After a long winter, weeks or months of lockdown, and a psychologically difficult year, you deserve a treat. We all do. Some self-care and a small gift or two to ourselves might just be what we need to start this new season with a happier mindset and renewed motivation.

As I was searching for some fun new things for myself, I came across Shipping Rover, an online store that offers a fantastic selection of products of all kinds, from baby clothes to home accessories, from jewelry to fitness apparel.

I've added these 4 products to my spring wishlist:

1. Makeup Organizer

I don't have a whole lot of bathroom cabinets in my new home and I don't want to add any either, so I have been looking for a nice-looking and practical makeup organizer for a while. This smart silicone design can be used for lipsticks, nail polish, brushes, pencils, and more, because the slots adapt to the size of each product.

2. Cashmere Blanket (click images to go to product pages)

Cashmere blankets are a practical and elegant home accessory and I want one so bad for my green velvet couch. The best thing ever for chilly evenings!

3. Wonder Arms Workout System

Toning my arms is one of my goals for 2021, and since the workout videos I've been doing are not helping much, this is something new I want to try out.

4. Couple's Jewelry Set

This is such a cute (and stylish) way to show your love for your partner, and a nice little accessory for your favorite spring outfits.

If you are also looking for something to surprise yourself with, visit the Shipping Rover website and browse their fun and fabulous selection!

It is worth noting that for every $100 spent $5 goes to UNICEF, so you will also be doing a good deed. ;)

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