Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Delicate Gemstone Necklaces by LOVEPRAY Jewelry


Volumes have been written about gemstones and their incredible properties, and considering how beautiful they are as well, I'm surprised more people aren't wearing them every day. Real gemstones can balance our energies and positively affect our physical and mental well-being, while also being a beautiful finishing touch to our most feminine fashion looks.

Spring is the perfect time to accessorize with this kind of jewelry, enjoy its wonderful colors and textures, and find harmony with the awakening nature through its precious gifts: true gemstones.

LOVEPRAY Jewelry is a US-based brand that makes delicate gemstone necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Each piece is made with  more than one type of gemstone, so you can enjoy the benefits from several different stones at a time. You can choose the perfect accessories for you based on their unique and exciting color combinations, or on your current emotional, physical or mental state. For example, the "Prosperity and Abundance" necklace is made with moss agate - a stone of wealth, and abundance that also helps balance emotional energy - and smoky quartz that is believed to improve the mood of the wearer. The perfect "cocktail" for 2021, if you ask me! ;)

Their necklaces are really popular because they are super lightweight and comfortable, and since they come in two sizes, they are great for creating a layered look that goes so well with romantic bohemian chic outfits. But even the most minimalist contemporary outfit will look even more stylish with one of these designs.

Each piece of jewelry is hand made in the USA, and shipped from the brand's studio in San Diego, California. Visit their website to see all their beautiful pieces, discover the various stone combinations, and immerse yourself in the magical world of natural gemstones. 

LOVEPRAY Jewelry offers free US shipping on all orders over $50!

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