Friday, April 16, 2021

Daylight Rhythm: Art and Fashion Inspired by Music


Those of us who love art are always looking for ways to fill our lives with it. It brings us joy and a respite from the mundane, making everyday life a bit more aesthetic. 

There are many ways to incorporate art into your life, but the two easiest and post popular ones are undoubtedly fashion and music. One is the primary vehicle of self-expression that we all use every day, and the other is what helps us deal with whatever life throws our way, syntonize with the world or shut ourselves away from it, depending on our mood and state of mind. But what happens when the two meet?

Daylight Rhythm is a Miami-based lifestyle brand that successfully fuses visual art and music, offering a line of apparel and accessories featuring graphic art inspired by the vibrant music scene of the city. A collection that is as wearable as it is fun, it includes cotton T-shirts in different styles, from simple and minimal to girly and glamorous. What they all have in common is their air of playful wittiness that makes them a perfect choice for casual everyday looks that are effortless and easy to wear.

Daylight Rhythm pieces - including their mugs, fashion accessories and baby clothing - are printed with original designs from local Miami artists, so by purchasing them you will effectively own a piece of the culture of this unique, beautiful and culturally diverse city.

I find that these kind of pieces, besides being a fun but powerful fashion statement, are a great way to bring people closer together, spark conversations, and share some of our common human experience. They also make great gift ideas for friends and family with a sense of humor and style.

Visit the Daylight Rhythm store on Etsy to browse their vast selection of graphic T-shirts and accessories!

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