Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cordless Hair Curl Pro: The Holy Grail in Hair Curling


I think it is safe to say that all of us - or at least those who have long hair - are on a quest for the perfect curls. Curling hair is an art and there are a million ways to do it and just as many different tools, so it is not easy to find The One. 

Having extra long hair, my main issue with curling it is time. It takes so long that on most days I don't even bother, and on busy weekday mornings it is absolutely undoable. Of course, if there was an automatic hair curler that would do it for me, it would be much more feasible... oh wait, there actually is.

The Cordless Hair Curl Pro by Nugirlythings is the newest and coolest hair curling tool - and you will love it. It is designed to help you achieve the perfect bouncy curls with as little effort (and time) as possible. You just insert a section of hair into it, and it will curl it in as little as 8 seconds! It has 6 adjustable low heat settings (with a maximum of 200 degrees), as well as 6 timer settings to avoid damaging your hair.

And the best part? You can use it on the go without a power outlet because it comes with a handy USB charger, so it is the perfect hair styling tool for travelers and those of us with a busy schedule. You can put it in your bag in the morning when you head off to work, quickly fix your hair before going out for dinner, and always look like the glamorous goddess you are! Or, you can put it in your carry on and fix your hair before getting off the plane at your destination. Easy peasy!

Visit the Cordless Hair Curl Pro product page for more details!

Nugirlythings offers free worldwide shipping.

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