Monday, May 3, 2021

Find Your Watch Style!


In a way, watches are the perfect accessory. They don't necessarily reveal much of your personality to the people around you, but they always lend a touch of elegance and style to your looks, so they are a great way to make an impression in a subtle and sophisticated way. 

Of course, just like with any other accessory, it is important to choose the right design that will be appropriate for the occasion, and also match your personal style. We partnered up with Women Clothing Online Store 21 to bring you some fabulous timepieces and some tips on how to wear them best.



If you are looking for a failproof option for days when you want to avoid experimenting with your look - think job interviews, first dates, formal events - an elegant steel watch with a simple dial in a neutral color will be your perfect choice. Your can wear these with absolutely anything and not worry about making a fashion faux pas.


Want to tune up the style factor? Experiment with colors! Try matching your outfit to your watch or wear a contrasting color for fun. If you have never worn a colorful watch before, try starting with a blue or red dial (or strap)!



Whenever you are in the mood for a more glamorous look, choose a watch embellished with gemstones or rhinestones - and the shinier, the better! Sparkles are always a good idea, and if you are going for a glam outfit, there's no need to hold back. These designs are an ideal accessories to go with evening dresses and party looks.

All the above watches are available on Women Clothing Online Store 21. Visit the website to browse their entire watch collection, and be sure to also check out their clothing and skincare selections!

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