Thursday, August 12, 2021

4 Easy Tips for Embracing the Y2K Aesthetic


Fashion is truly a cycle. As a millennial, I am old enough to remember what we wore at the turn of the, well, millennium... and as perplexed as I am to see those trends come back (because how has so much time already passed?), I can't help but feel some happy nostalgia when I see Gen Z rocking iconic Y2K fashion trends like bell bottoms, crop tops, A-line mini skirts, shiny fabrics and bandanas.

The Y2K aesthetic is the opposite of the minimalist fashion of the past several years: it is a celebration of life and positivity and everything that's fun about fashion, with a touch techno-utopia. 

If you don't quite remember all the tips and tricks of a fabulous Y2K look - or if you are simply too young to remember them - read on to find out how you can easily adopt the Y2K aesthetic.

1. Be confident

This style is all about feeling free and confident in your body, and having fun while showing the world what you've got. While oversized sweatshirts and denim jackets are certainly a thing, if you are going with a Y2K look, you will probably need to show some skin, so it's best to leave your inhibitions at home.

2. Embrace your cute side

Unlike the ultra grown up monochromatic looks we have all been wearing in recent years, the Y2K aesthetic certainly leaves room for fun accessories, cute prints and girly details. Bandanas and cherry print pants? Fantastic! Party dresses or lace trim skirts on weekdays? Easy!

3. Don't be afraid of colors, prints and textures

Turn-of-the-millennium style is optimism and self-expression without limits.  If you feel like wearing ten butterfly hair clips and a pink crop top, no one will stop you. Patchwork pants, velour tracksuits, shiny PU jackets - anything goes in the name of fun.

4. Add a modern twist

Of course, the 2020s have added their own stylish twist on Y2K nostalgia. High-waisted pants have replaced the infamous low-rise jeans from twenty years ago. Slip dresses and crop tops have become even more revealing and sexy, and corduroy pants are now more fitted and feminine. 

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