Thursday, November 25, 2021

Called Legends: Edgy and Casual


When we buy into a fashion brand, it is not just about the clothes. It is about the mood, and the lifestyle the brand represents, and the way it makes you feel about yourself and the world.

This is true for any kind of fashion, from elegant looks to casual outfits. The clothes we wear every day can contribute to our confidence and show the world who we are.

If you are looking for a cool new casual fashion brand, you'll want to check out Called Legends. They just dropped the first two pieces from their new collection and they are everything I want from streetwear: stylish, comfortable, refreshingly minimalist, laid back, and full of personality. 

The hoodie is made of thick 80% cotton and 20% recycled polyester. Match it with your favorite pair of sweats or jeans, but it will also look fantastic with some nice and comfy leggings because of its relaxed, oversized fit. You can wear the gym bag on your back as a fashion accessory like a backpack - they are super trendy right now - or you can use it for its original purpose: to carry your gym clothes and essentials in style.

Both the hoodie and the gym bag are, of course, unisex which means they are perfect for matching his and hers looks for casual days, weekend activities and whenever else you need something soft and cozy to warm your soul on cold winter days.

These designs make great Christmas gift ideas, too! Especially for men who are notoriously difficult to find gifts for. I mean, who doesn't love a nice oversized hoodie? Plus, you'll be able to borrow it, too! ;)

Visit the Called Legends website to shop their designs! Every piece you order comes in an embroidered "DAMN" bag.

Check out @called_legends on Instagram!

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