Friday, April 29, 2022

April Favorites


This is one of the most beautiful times of the year: not too cold, not too hot, perfect weather and beautiful sunshine. Whether you are celebrating this wonderful season with a full-on shopping spree or just some light online shopping, you might want to take a look at our April favorites.

So, without further introduction, here are a few things we love this month:

Sustainable is  the new black – and that’s not just true for clothes. If you love your capsule-fuelled coffee machine, it is probably time for you to start thinking about an environmentally friendly (and cheaper) alternative to single-use plastic capsules. Check out – their reusable capsules are made of stainless steel and compatible with Nespresso coffee machines, and they also have reusable Keurig filters. All you need to do is fill them with your favorite ground coffee and rinse them when you’re done!

The new season calls for a pair of colorful sneakers to complement your comfortable casual outfits! The vibrant colors of these vintage running trainers by MRB-1985, created by Abu Dhabi-based designer Muhammad Haseeb, are just what your wardrobe needs this spring. Expertly handcrafted by Italian artisans from the highest quality Italian leather, this luxurious shoe is the perfect fusion of fashion and sports and a bold style statement. The sneaker is limited edition, so pre-order your pair right now before they're gone! 

Do you ever wonder where fashion influencers buy their bling? From Carrington is an online store that has some of the hottest jewelry trends you have probably seen all over social media, including fabulous layered necklace sets, sneaker chains and phone straps to complement your coolest streetstyle looks. Their pieces are non tarnishing, water safe, and leave no green stains on your skin - guaranteed high quality. Head over to their website to shop these popular trendy pieces worn by thousands! 

Click here for gorgeous women's dresses!

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